Social & Ecological engagement

Benefit sharing

breeding botanicals international (bbi) is committed to the Nagoya protocol aiming at sharing the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources in a fair and equitable way.

bbi assures appropriate funding of its partners and dedicates itself to the education of students and young scientists from indigenous and local communities.

Preservation of ecological diversity

As company developing and producing natural, plant or plant-based products, breeding botanicals international (bbi) feels responsible for the protection of nature. In concrete terms, we support groups / initiatives aiming at the maintenance and protection of ecological diversity, e.g.

Support of social and cultural projects

Plants are the subject of our daily work and most important to us, but it does not mean that bbi restricts its responsibility to plants only. For us at bbi, the people we work with, i.e. our staff, our customers, our research associates, etc. are of fundamental importance.  Thus, next to our ecological engagement, we commit ourselves to social and cultural projects in the countries we are present, e.g. the support of the local Sivaramji Blood Bank and the City Forum in the city of Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.