About us

We at breeding botanicals international (bbi) are experts in breeding, propagation, field studies and large scale cultivation of bioactive plants.

Plant breeding, i.e. the art and science of changing the genetics of plants in order to generate more desirable traits, presents a widely neglected discipline in the field of bioactive plants. It is, therefore, one of our major aims to focus on the breeding for better bioactive plants employing professional, state-of-the-art technologies as tools, aiming at bioactive plants with more desirable phytochemical, pharmacological and agricultural traits.

Next to the breeding, bbi develops cultivation protocols and produces / supplies high quality plant raw materials to the food, pharma, feed and cosmetic industry.

Not least, bbi offers agronomical and pharmaceutical contract R&D services as well as consultancy to companies concerned with bioactive plants.

The range of our activities includes the authentication, sourcing, domestication, in vitro and vivo propagation, breeding, pilot cultivation, and commercial large scale production of plant materials as well as the development of extracts based on such plant materials.

bbi offers also extract developments. Our principle approach in such developments comprises the bioassay guided development of new and innovative active ingredients from natural sources. It includes the discovery, sourcing and screening of suitable plant material, the identification of active fractions and molecules, the development of sustainable extraction methods and the definition and assurance of product quality. 

Plant materials and plant extracts developed by bbi are suitable for a range of applications, e.g. for the:

  • Isolation of pure compounds
    (e.g. Coleus forskohlii, Vinca rosea, Artemisia annua, etc.)
  • Production of feed/feed additives
    (e.g. Tagetes erecta, Trachyspermum ammim etc,)
  • Extraction of food colorants
    (e.g. Passiflora incarnata, Clitoria ssp. etc.)
  • Production of dietary supplements, cosmetics and phytopharmaceuticals
    (e.g. Schinus terebinthifolius, Cassia angustifolia, Pogostemon cablin (Patschouli), Centella asiatica, Phyllanthus amarus, etc.)

bbi has its own laboratories in Europe and Asia and controls/owns agricultural land in various, climatically diverse production areas in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Thus, we have access to a global net of experimental and production allowing us to launch into development and / or production project with almost any bioactive plant of interest.

This global net of production sites is complemented by bbi’s breeding activities: bbi’s breeding of improved, genetically defined, genuine and proprietary plant material (i.e. plant varieties / cultivars / breeding lines) allows us to protect our know-how and to avoid illicit or unwanted use of plant materials and extracts by third parties.

As selection tools bbi employs phytochemical as well as pharmacological analyses.

The combination of breeding skills and production facilities allows bbi to provide solutions to even most challenging plant production assignments. We at bbi feel confident to accomplish the commercial cultivation of nearly any plant species of our customer’s interest.